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sandy-slovack-self-esteem-solutionsHello and thanks for visiting!

Allow me to introduce myself.

I originally started writing my book, Hello! You’re Fabulous, in 2008 and was in the process of publishing it when I had a brain tumour suddenly diagnosed and removed in mid 2013. One of my favorite quotes is “Live as though you’ll die tomorrow and learn as if you’ll live forever”. The more I understand about me and this magnificent universe I live in, the juicier life gets! Since my surgery, this has become especially true!

I have been working as a Clinical Counsellor since I earned my Masters degree in 1995 and I have been in the helping profession for more than 25 years. My area of expertise is in working with people dealing with the effects of trauma. Most recently, I have been working in the Mental Health and Addictions field with both adults and youth. I love seeing people get past their “stuff” and find joy and well-being in their lives again!

There is something magical about witnessing people remember and “soak in” their own value. It is incredible to then watch as people get excited about and then teach others to do the same. I have built a great reputation as a trainer and speaker because my work has been such a joy!

Based on my experience, in combination with my tremendous energy and passion for helping you to re-discover your authentic worth, I promise that you will see great results! On the journey we will laugh a lot and have a blast.I am interested in possibility, inspiration and witnessing you create amazing success according to how YOU define that.

Personally, I have my “story” to tell, as we all do.When it comes to understanding how to build self-esteem, I’ve not only helped hundreds of others, but I’ve learned how to do this for myself from the rock-bottom up to the sky. If I can do it, anybody can; and I can show you how!

I have written articles, books, and I offer keynotes, coaching sessions, webinars/teleseminars and live workshops. I’m thrilled that you have found this book, congratulations for investing in you! We’re going to have a blast!


Hello,You’re Fabulous!
Having low self-esteem seems to prevail in ‘epidemic’ proportions in our culture. Feeling badly about who we are and being in ‘struggle mode’ has become usual or habitual for most of us. More than simply stating “change your thoughts,” this book shows you how to change the ‘struggle’ perspective to remembering that you are inherently fabulous!
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