Do YOU feel powerless in your life?

Do YOU feel powerless in your life?

Are you feeling unworthy of the happiness that you deserve?

Many who come to me feel this way, if that’s you, you’re not alone!

Radiant-Butterfly-ColourFeeling badly about who we are and being in ‘struggle mode’ has become usual or habitual for most of us.

More than simply stating “change your thoughts”, I can teach you how to change the ‘struggle’ perspective and remember that YOU are inherently fabulous!

I work with women, and men, from all walks of life who have struggled with self-esteem for years.

As you enter “middle age” self-esteem takes a new shape, and different things raise their heads to create challenges and insecurities that never used to be issues.

I’ve been there. I’m with you. I have many blocks under my belt, and I’ve been around some of them many times! We have things in common… we have walked similar paths at some point.

I want to help you discover just what it is that you WANT to overcome…

  • identify your big blocks
  • name your insecurities
  • re-train your brain and self-talk to jump those hurdles!

YOU deserve to wake up each morning excited about getting out of bed! And to go to bed each night happy and feeling good about yourself, your achievements and your relationships.


I am passionate about living a juicy life!

From being suicidal to thriving with vitality, I have learned how to feel Fabulous from rock bottom up.

11037764_10153256324377502_5874438061667837819_nIf I can do it, anybody can; and I will show you how!

I’ll share my accumulated wisdom from 35 years in the ‘helping’ field and many thousands of dollars invested in personal growth.”

Hello,You’re Fabulous!
Having low self-esteem seems to prevail in ‘epidemic’ proportions in our culture. Feeling badly about who we are and being in ‘struggle mode’ has become usual or habitual for most of us. More than simply stating “change your thoughts,” this book shows you how to change the ‘struggle’ perspective to remembering that you are inherently fabulous!
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